Friday, July 10, 2009

Motel Coffee

Staying at a motel that has good coffee is just as likely as expecting good food from White Castle. They all use some bottom-end coffee that gives the needed caffeine boost but adds a little rot-gut to the mix as well.

That’s why I was surprised when we rolled into H and H Motor Lodge in Idaho Springs, Colorado. With no continental breakfast and a basic pot with foam cups at a small table, I thought I’d never even try the stuff. After all, we planned on settling in to the JMR Coffee House for some wake-up later in the morning. But out of that caffeine necessity, I walked over in the crisp early morning, filled a cup from the office, and on first sip, I couldn’t believe it. Smooth. Tasty. Just refreshing and surprising.

Never forget these places. Finding another is quite unlikely, and remembering where we stop for a night is always hazy on future trips. I can just imaging saying, late at night and ready to pull off anywhere, even if lot lizards troll the joint, “Where was that place in Idaho Springs that was cheap and had good coffee? Of fuck it, let’s just go HERE.”

So I have to remember, H and H Motor Lodge is a basic motel among many comparable places in Idaho Springs. The owner is kind enough to feel comfortable with the stay, and the rooms are not cramped. However, the reason to document the place is for its coffee. It’s velvet in a sea of bitter, gut-busting brown sludge. We will be back.

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